GeoTools : disy GISterm

disy GISterm at a Glance:

With disy GISterm it is possible to evaluate results and aggregate tables presenting spatial-related information, to add further geo data and to display them on interactive maps. Benefit from a clear overview of all data with the help of interactive maps using colour shades or geo-referenced map diagrams. disy GISterm provides powerful functions required for evaluating and visualising your data in terms of spatial aspects. The search for specialist or geo data could be the starting point for your search.

disy GISterm is also integrated within the Spatial Reporting Platform disy Cadenza. disy Cadenza integrates heterogeneous data records and provides numerous options for comparing independent information with each other on the basis of relational or visual analysis.

Geotool ist used for the integration of diverse spatial datasources und for the transformation between different coordinationsystems